Wish List Summer 2014

We have wishes in all shapes and sizes!!! Some are big, some are small, some may seem a little Kooky, We appreciate them all!!! We will thank you with GIANT KUDOS on our website and social media!!! We might even make you a smore!

$$ Donations to continue to keep program costs low and provide scholarship to those in need.

Smores Supplies…. Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Construction Paper

4 freezer thermometers

15 Bars of Ivory Soap

2 didgeredoo

Hand drums

Kids Scissors

Tissue paper



Organic purple tortilla chips

Seeds … Flower, veggie

Berry Bushes (blueberry, raspberry blackberry, strawberry)

Dixie Cups

Sign your child up for camp


Bottles of wine… Not for me or the kids, but to collect and auction off as a unit at our Annual Fundraiser in September

Auction Items… big or small for our annual Auction in September (gift certificates, items, experiences, tickets)

Clear Storage containers with lids, all Sizes

Paper Plates Big and little

1- small medal grill to place over the fire

2- 300 foot rolls of sheep and goat fence

50 metal fence stakes

Small Glue bottles

Find a sitter and come to our annual fundraiser

Glue Sticks

Fake flowers (yes, fake)

White board and dry erase markers


Bracelet Yarn

A travelling folding table.


Folders (two pocket and file)

Colored Pencils


Yellow Rope


World Peace


Scrap wood( 2X4’s and the like)

Card Stock

2 watering cans

old i phones to take photos or digital cameras!

Dandelion Greens from your unfertilized Lawn

Large plastic or glass jars (pretzels, pickles)

a leeds certified Preschool classroom

Arts and crafts supplies of all kinds

1 right Handed 48″ Youth BOW

2 Ground quiivers with bow rest.

Meal worms

Solar panels

Digital Cameras

Small frozen single packed mice (petco)


Bottle of Vinegar (for volcanoes)


Spinning wheel

Old Carder


Electric single burners (several)

Butter Churn

Parachute (no Strings)


4 I pads

1 Sharp Pencil with eraser for Roel (our Secretary)

Small Flashlights

a box of matches

Wax for candles

1 Elderberry

Wicks for candles

4 Waterproof, counselor proof, walkie talkies

Gift Cards big and little to Staples , Walmart, Dollar Store, Dicks, Big Y Stop and Shop, Northville Market, HH Taylor, Book Nook, Agway, Green Spot, Amazon, Petco,   J and J Printing, HomeDepot etc…

Scholarship Donations to cover the 200-300 that are given.

Check your basements and garages, buy an extra when you go to the store… every bit of help counts!!!





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