A Summer of Fun + Adventure!

Pratt Nature Center Summer Day Camp is a nature based, co-ed program for children age 3 and up, who want to develop their interest in the outdoors and experience the wonders of the natural world on our 205-acre property. Our goal is to guide children through their discovery with safe, fun, hands-on opportunities each day. We strive to make it a summer of being a kid- the old fashioned way, outside and free to grow!

Our Program – An Overview

Pratt Summer Day Camp runs by week, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm (with some variation for our youngest and oldest campers) beginning in late June and running through late August.  Each camp day is filled with a variety of opportunities for children to explore the property with their co-ed, aged based group. Whether it is hiking the meadows, mountain or river, observing animals, planting in the garden, creating nature inspired crafts or playing cooperative camp games, every day is unique and fulfilling. During each week of camp, children of all ages and abilities are encouraged to discover their connection to the natural world at their own pace through experiences appropriate for their age and that foster respect for oneself, for others and for our environment.

Camper Levels & Schedule

Sprouts – Age 3

Mon/Wed/Fri 9:30-12:30 or Tues/Thurs 9:30 to 12:30 or MTWTF 9:30-12:30

Our youngest campers are immersed in nature, free to discover the many wonders of the property at their own, age appropriate pace. Sprouts spend their camp days investigating all that nature has to offer as a teacher. Sprouts walk through the mud puddles, over the logs, up the hills and down the river banks while playing games, creating art, singing songs, telling stories and making a lasting connection to the outside world.

Nature Nuts – Age  4 or 5

Explorers – Entering Grades 1 or 2

Pathfinders – Entering Grades 3 or 4

MTWTF 9:30-3:00

For children age 4 to 9, camp is a chance to discover nature’s wonders in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. Experience the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the outdoors through hiking, wading and playing. Activities like river walks, arts and crafts, shelter building, animal observation and plant identification are designed to foster the natural curiosity of children and to build a strong personal connection to the natural world and their fellow campers.  Nature Nuts, Explorers and Pathfinders can all expect a week full of exploration and discovery!

Adventure Team – Entering Grades 5-7

MTWT 9:30-3  Thursday night campout with pickup at 9:30 am Friday

Older campers are offered opportunities to experience nature- based challenges in our nurturing, non-competitive environment through our Adventure Team group. In addition to all of  the other camp offerings, Adventure Team campers may engage in trail blazing, map reading and compass skills as well as outdoor survival skills, like campfire building.  Unique to only older campers, the Adventure Team ends their week with a camp-out on Thursday night. Campers will try out their new skills with evening adventures on the property while they prepare their own meal over a campfire.  Parent pick-up is at 9:30 Friday morning.

Rangers – Entering Grades 8 & 9

MTWT 9:30-3 Thursday night campout with pick up at 9:30 am Friday

Rangers are given all the same opportunities as younger campers  and the Adventure Team (including the Thursday night campout)  while also provided options designed to engage and excite our oldest campers. Rangers will build confidence and responsibility while leaving their mark at Pratt with opportunities to help with property projects, care for the animals, extend their outdoor survival skills, maintain the garden, citizen science projects and more.

Teen Leadership Program

For teens in Grades 10, 11 or 12

High school sophomores and older are invited to participate in our Teen Leadership Program. Teen Leaders are offered an opportunity to voluntarily assist in the day to day routines at Pratt in a way they choose, at any point of the year. Options could include but are not limited to assisting with camp, maintaining the trails, managing the garden, caring for the animals or choosing a self directed project of their own design with the approval of Pratt staff. Teen Leaders should be responsible individuals looking to gain leadership experience and build their independent  work ethic in an outdoor setting. There is no cost to participate but they must have membership to the Pratt Center and have their application approved by Pratt staff. Teen Leaders that choose to assist in camp must sign up for at least a one-week  and stay for full camp hours, 9:30-3, but are welcome to sign up for longer if it is approved by the staff. Other projects will have flexible hours that are appropriate for the area of interest and season. Click here to apply for Pratt’s Teen Leader Program

Counselor to Camper Ratio

Our camp staff is a group of creative and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to Pratt’s mission. For our youngest campers, Sprouts, our staff to camper ratio is 1:5. For the rest of our groups, our staff to camper ratio is 1:10. Our college-age counselors have experience working with children in a variety of settings and many are former campers themselves!

2021 Summer Camp Schedule

Week 1: June 14 – June 18 Week 7: July 26 – July 30
Week 2: June 21 – June 25 Week 8: August 2 – August 6
Week 3: June 28 – July 2 Week 9: August 9 – August 13
Week 4: July 5 – July 9 Week 10: August 16 – August 20
Week 5: July 12 – July 16 Week 11: TBD
Week 6: July 18 – July 23

Wait-List Information

If you are looking to be added to our summer camp wait-list, please send an email to info@prattcenter.org with the following information:

Child’s Name

Age Group

Week(s) of Camp You Are Interested In