The Pratt Nature Center is a 205-acre wildlife preserve and environmental education center in Litchfield County, CT. The land is diverse – with a mountain, meadows, woods, wildlife, gardens, farm animals, a stream, a pond, and wetlands, providing wonderful opportunities for outdoor fun, discovery and adventure! Pratt Nature Center offers hiking, bird-watching, community garden plots and nature education for all ages including programs tailor-made for the classroom or scout troop as well as for family or community enjoyment and learning.

See you next week. #pratt

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We love the rain!! #pratt

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Trust them. #yearinthewoods #notallclassroomshavefourwalls #pratt Everyone works together, as a community, to gather tinder and fuel for our fire. We built this fire and kept it going in the rain. We whittled, ate a snack and practiced sparking by her heat. #planning #organizing #mentalflexibility #workingmemory #selfcontrol #executivefunctioningskills #brain-science

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Willow. #pratt

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It’s hard to play tag with a pratt kid! #unfairadvantage #kidsintrees #yearinthewoods #pratt

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So many wonderful not for profits in the greater New Milford area!! #community #together #pratt see link above to donate @prattnatureschool

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Two of my favorite moments are listening to them talk to each other and watching them “work” in silence. A million teeny tiny connections! #natureschool #pratt

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Just “our community” walking together in the woods #natureschool #yearinthewoods #pratt

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I am grateful for puddles, Raven and Boogie-Woogie Aphids, Climbing Tree, Stinging Nettle and little footprints, the river, morning circle jokes, golden trees, giggles, lost crocs, frost, long days on the sledding hill and slow warm days at the river . I am grateful for this magical “peace” of land, the people I get to share time with on it and the community that supports the work we do. Happy Thanksgiving #grateful #pratt

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Grateful for this land and the people on it! More new videos on @prattnatureschool . Including Part one and Part two of the Kindergartners boating adventure! #optoutside #pratt

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Grateful for the simple beauty of nature. #milkweed #pratt

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