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Attention Teachers…..

Plan your next field trip with the Pratt Nature Center.

Let’s work together to create an individualized, hands-on experience for your students!

Pioneer Days…Colonial Days…Nature Hikes…Planting…Harvesting…Life Cycle…Critter Caravan and more.

Our unique property opens itself up to a variety of possibilities…wooded hiking trails… a pond…meadows…the East Aspetuck River…a barnyard with animals and a hands-on educational vegetable garden.

Popular Presentations include:

Life Cycles

An entire day focused on life cycles and nature.  Learn about frogs and catch frogs in the pond.   Visit our Beehive and learn how bees communicate and pollinate.  The educational vegetable garden is used to plant and discuss plants from seed to fruit.  (Spring)

“The Importance of Buying Local and Natural”

An interactive discussion on its effect on your health, the environment, and the local economy (middle school/high school, includes planting)

“The Second Grade Growing Series”

  1. “Soil Science”
  2. The History of Farming in the area, nutrition and the science of growing
  3. Planting in our educational vegetable garden

Maple Sugaring

A collaborative field trip between the Pratt Nature Center and Great Brook Sugar House at Sullivan Farm.

Program Length: Two Hours

Program Description: Smell the Sugar. See the Steam. Students will gather around a campfire and listen to Native American and Colonial folklore and legend as they learn how we turn maple sap into the sweet treat we ALL love! We will travel through time to a Civil War Era flat pan before heading off into the sugar bush to tap a few maple trees. Students will use an auger and collect a bucket or two of sap. They will also see a demo of modern-day tubing used to gather sap more efficiently. We will then get back on your bus and travel to Great Brook Sugar House to see a modern-day Sugar House and evaporator. The field trip wouldn’t be complete without a quick taste of 100% pure Maple Syrup. We can accommodate morning and afternoon classes. 

Size: Approx. 50 students

When: Mid-February through March

Who: All Ages

Completely OUTSIDE! Dress appropriately to the weather!

Learnings: States of Matter, Seasons, Life Cycles, History, Weather, Climate, Natural Resources, Local Economy, Traditional Living Skills


  • Maps and Orienteering: Learn the basics of reading and using a compass to find your way and map out an area.

  • Snow Shoeing: We will come to you, or you can come to use! (dependent on Mother Nature)

  • Chicks and Salsa: (Pre-K and up) includes a reading of Chicks and Salsa along with the making of your very own salsa.

  • “Pioneer Days”:  Panning for Gold, blacksmith, campfire songs, a trading post are just a few of the eight different hands-on stations your students can enjoy. Experience a real-life Oregon Trail.

  • Nature Hikes/Walks: Enjoy the changing of the seasons. Each season brings us something new.

  • Critter Caravan: Our unique classroom friendly animals help teach your students about animal classification

  • The Lorax Presentation: Connects your class back to nature

Tailor-Made Presentations

Either at your school or the Pratt Nature Center have included…


  • Colonial Days: Butter Making, games, schoolhouse, etc. (all grades)
  • Force and Motion
  • The Water Cycle
  • Predator/Prey
  • Trout Release
  • Snowshoeing
  • Harvesting and Cooking
  • Life Cycles
  • Weather Station
  • And Many More!

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