Natural Leaders

We are not just “outdoorsie”

  We are  young scientists, writers, mathematicians, poets, artists and engineers…

We are Pratt Kids.

 We get muddy.

We accept children/people for who they are. We don’t judge.

We work on strengths and not weaknesses.

We climb trees, swing sticks and throw stones.

We go off trail just to see what is there.

We walk through mud puddles, not around them.

We ask questions, lots of questions.

We encourage.

We figure things out.

We make mistakes.

We fall down (a lot).

We always get back up.

We are leaders.


Last summer we were pleasantly surprised when over 30 teenagers ages 14 through 18 applied for our, unpaid, Counselor in Training Program (CIT).  Some were with us all summer, others came and went as their schedule allowed. We joyfully anticipate that number to grow again this year.  We listened to what they wanted and the following teen leadership program emerged.  We are  SO excited about this program!!! They are going to have a blast, all while continuing to hone their leadership skills!!!

I am also very Proud to announce a New Girls only group, S.A.G.E. ages 10-15. Girls are explorers, leaders, adventure seekers, trail blazers, trackers, storytellers, fire makers, singers of songs, leaders and much more!

Check out both of these programs below, give us a call or see little more info on facebook.

“If your actions inspire others to learn more, do more  and become more, you are leading.” Anonymous


Teen Leadership Program


Looking for teens going into 10th grade and up!!! Don’t spend your summer at home on video games or being bored! Come volunteer at Pratt!! We have a lot of fun and you get a cool tshirt! This year we are adding team building, veggie garden,beekeeping,  animals, field study, trails and a culminating project and campout to your summer!!!

If you are interested or know a friend who is interested in becoming a “Counselor in Training” this summer please email or call the office……Good with children, likes to get dirty, crafty,etc… whether you can give one week or more….. We are accepting application!! Must be at least entering 10th grade. This volunteer work looks great on an application !!!




Skills and Arts for Girls of the Earth

Girls are explorers, leaders, adventure seekers, trail blazers, trackers, storytellers, fire makers, singers of songs, and much more! Our aim with our brand new SAGE program (Skills and Arts for Girls of the Earth) is to create a space for girls to develop these skills, practice their strengths, and learn from each other. While we are here at the Pratt Nature Center, we will support each other, challenge ourselves, feed our curiosity, and discover our individual strengths. We seek to do this through learning and practicing various Earth-living skills, including but not limited to fire and shelter building, orienteering and map reading, tracking and awareness, plant and bird identification, crafts using natural materials and fibers, as well as interests that you bring.Each program will vary depending on the weather and the season, and details will be announced a week in advance.

Please register by calling 860-355-3137. or info@prattcenter,org
Time: 1 pm – 3 pm

Ages 10-15
$25.00 per session

March 8th March 22nd , April 5th , April 12th , May 10th , May 24th

sage“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”Albert Einstein

Leadership is the willingness to speak up when it’s easier to stay silent, hold yourself accountable when you have excuses at the ready and inspire without intimidation or the fear another will surpass you. A leader shows more empathy than ego and remains dedicated to the betterment of the whole and not the advancement of one.” — Brenda Della Casa

“Leadership is a mindset of total personal accountability for the results and outcomes produced without fault, blame, guilt or any manner of finger-pointing when results are bad. Leadership is being personally accountable whether someone is going to hold you accountable or not.” — Linda Galindo

Leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a commontask” Wikipedia

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