The QR Code Hike

The Interactive Experience, created by volunteers, led by Joshua Bautista of BSA Troop 31 as part of his Eagle Scout project, is a fun self-guided tour of the Pratt Nature Center that utilizes scanning apps on your smart phone. Scanning apps can be downloaded (often for free) to your smartphone or tablet device and used to scan the thirteen QR codes that have been located at various locations around the Pratt Nature Center. A QR code is a square shaped bar code that when scanned with your tablet or smart phone app will link you to additional information about that Pratt Nature Center location. Begin your adventure and learn about New Milford’s age-old natural world using today’s technology. Scan away and enjoy your adventure!

1. The Pratt Nature Center

2. The Nature Center

3. The Yurt

4. The Bird Blind and Bird Houses

5. Picnic Areas

6. Trees

7. Trails/ Hikes

8. The Barn

9. Farm Animals

10. The Field

11. East Aspetuck River

12. The Marsh/ Wetlands Area

13. The Pond

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