OPT- Outside Challenge 2017

We are celebrating our 50th birthday year in many ways! One of those ways is by challenging you to get outside and go for a hike in a different spot each month. There are so many beautiful places to go for a hike in our area, and we want each of you to be smarter, healthier, and happier in 2017 and beyond!

Throughout 2017, we will be posting 12 different hikes in 12 different spots in the greater Litchfield County area. At the start of each month, we will post a riddle. From the riddle, you will need to solve both the location (nature center, park, conservation area, etc.) and the specific trail we have in mind for you to explore. When you get to to the end of that month’s hike, we ask that you take a picture of yourself and whoever you are with to prove that you made it! There may be an object that is specific to that hike that you need to find and include in the photo with you. You can tag Pratt in your picture on Instagram, and  bring in all 12 of your photo to show us.

If you do all 12 hikes by the end of 2017, we will have a special prize for you!

Look for the riddle at the start of each month on our Facebook page.
If you are stumped, we will post a second clue as to the location of the hike around the middle of the month.
If you are STILL stumped, we will post a third clue for the specific trail by the end of the month.

February Hike:
Clue #1 of 3
In February we celebrate Groundhog Day;
with six weeks of winter left let’s go out and play!
This month’s adventure takes you outside of New Milford.
We won’t tell you exactly where,
but it’s near a river not a fjord.
Although you’re nowhere near the ocean’s beach,
finding a clam shell is within your reach.
Here’s the trail you need to find:
it’s a bit of journey back in time.
If you think the scenery is pretty great,
remember it hasn’t been seen by train since 1948.
​Take a picture where its dark even during the day
and the air is cooler even in August or May.

January Hike:​
Where could you go for a walk with a beautiful view?
Anywhere in Northwest Connecticut, that’s probably true.
For the month of January, we have a particular place in mind,
we’ll have you guess from this riddle and it’s up to you to find:
There’s animals there that are happy to see you,
sheep, goats, a horse, a donkey and some reptiles, too.
There are three rules that are easy to recall,
and you’ll be outside no matter the weather
winter, spring, summer and fall!

When you get there, you can walk along the East Aspetuck river,
but don’t take a dip in winter or you’ll probably shiver!
If you wish to be up where the vultures soar,
and see the tops of trees, faraway hills and a little bit more,
there’s a trail there that will take you closer to the sky.
Is it far, you are probably asking with a sigh.
The trail twists and turns many times, that’s correct,
but when you get there you won’t be totally wrecked.
You’ll be happier! and smarter! and healthier, too!
Because that’s what being outside does to you.
To prove that you made it (we know that you can)
we have a pretty simple, straightforward plan:
Take a picture of you and your crew
in front of a sign that says ‘you’re here!’
Then send it to us, we’ll know that it’s true.
And don’t forget: now that you’re up,
you’ll have to make it back down, too.