Building A Better Future — One Student At A Time

The Pratt Nature Center’s Educational Programs are about learning…but not just from books, but rather from experience. Our programs involved getting your hands dirty (sometimes!), getting a little wet (in the summer time!), laughing, touching, smelling…well, you get the picture.

New Milford is very fortunate to be located in one of the country’s most beautiful regions and to have in our midst many of nature’s wonders — animals, insects, the seasons and much more. At the Pratt Center, we take advantage of our surroundings to make exploring nature and the environment fun, helping to open up students minds to the wonders and mysteries of science and nurturing their innate quest for knowledge.

The Pratt Nature Center programs are primarily targeted at students in preschool through seventh grade, however, some programs may be appropriate outside those ranges. We offer standard Educational Programs that can be held:

At The Pratt Nature Center
At Your School of Facility

In addition to our standard Educational Programs, we also run regular programs for:

Summer Camp — our most popular offering!!!
Children’s Birthdays

Pre School – Sprouts: a year round, 3-5 yr old drop off program

Mommy and Me – Tadpoles: a year round, Grown up and 3 months -2 yr.

After School Enrichment

Homeschool Programs

Adult and Children’s workshops


Use the menu above to explore the Programs that we offer here at the Pratt Center. If you are an educator seeking information about Programs that can be run at your school, click here to jump to our Educators section.