Building A Better Future — One Student At A Time

The Pratt Nature Center’s Educational Programs are about learning….not just from books, but rather from experience. Our programs focus on strengthening a connection. Maybe it’s getting your hands dirty, getting a little wet or just feeling the wind in your face  while laughing, touching, smelling…well, you get the picture.

At the Pratt Center, we take advantage of our surroundings to make exploring nature and the environment fun, helping to open up student’s minds to the wonders and mysteries of the natural world through their innate curiosity.

Our programs can be run here on our 205 acre property or at your school facility. Our programs are primarily targeted at students in preschool through eighth grade, however, most programs can be adapted to any age group.  We are also excited to work with to customize a program to fit the needs of your group.

In addition to our standard Educational Programs, we also run regular programs for:

Children’s Birthdays

Sprouts: a year round, 3-5 yr old drop off program

After School Enrichment

Homeschool Programs

Adult and Children’s workshops

If you are an educator seeking information about programs that can be run at your school, please contact us at