Beekeeping 101

April 21, 2018 - 9:00 am

Beekeeping 101
Together we can save our Honeybees!
Class led by Mike’s Beehives LLC’

Learn how to raise Honeybees. The hive & its parts, the Honeybee, Honey, Care & Management, diseases & pests, winterizing, Spring start-up, Installing your bees, Equipment needed, and more. Casual with plenty of Q & A time during and after class. Hives and Bees available for purchase.

Class $40. p/p or bring a friend and pay only $75. p/couple. You’ll be glad you did.
Register @ 860.355.3137 or

Learn the beginning steps of raising Honeybees from an experienced beekeeper. In this class we will go over:
1- The Honeybees; the 3 Castes, life cycle, habits and it’s many functions within the colony.
2- Each part of the beehive, accessories and what each part does.
3- Equipment needed to succeed.
4- Pests, diseases and treatments; chemical and natural.
5- Where to locate your hive and why.
6- Getting and installing your bees and then what…
7- Feeding and care for your bees. When/What to feed & what not to feed them.
8- Pesticides & Insecticides; their affects on the Honeybee & CCD.
9- Routine inspections; what to look for good & bad. The queen, eggs, pupae & larvae.
10- Harvesting the sweet Honey.
11- Winter preparation.
12- Spring start-up with an established colony; your second year.
13- Should I split my hive or buy another package of bees, or just let them stay in one hive.
14- Questions, Concerns, suggestions