Walk and Talk: A Community Conversation

February 18, 2018 - 2:00 pm

The Pratt Nature Center in collaboration with New Milford Hospital’s Plow to Plate Program will be hosting a monthly “Walk and Talk: A Community Conversation for families and individuals.” Each month we will be asking a different professional to be our special guest and join us in our outdoor “adventure” around the the lower fields of the Pratt Center. “Special Guests” will come from an array of different professions such as Fitness, Medical, Mental Health, Education, Substance Abuse, Nutrition, Farming, Veterinary and Political.

We will introduce the Special Guest and they may give a quick introduction about themselves and their profession. We will then take a walk through the Pratt Property. Participants may ask questions as they meander together on the trails.

The program will run from 2-3 pm every third Sunday.
Contact Pratt at 860.355.3137