Pratt Nature Center School Field Trips (All Year)

May 1, 2018 - 9:00 am

School Field Trips……..Attention Teachers

Whether you join us for a field trip in our educational vegetable garden, on our hiking trail, in the river or pond….or we join you in your classroom or school yard, Your students will receive a multi-sensory, hands on lesson on the topic of your choice.The Pratt Nature Center visits with thousands of school children from preschool through high school.
New Programs to meet Next Gen Science Standards!!
-Seed Dispersal

Other Topics have included Colonial Days, Pioneer Day (Oregon Trail), Planting, Soil Science, Force and Motion, The Water Cycle, Habitats Critter Caravan, Animal Classification, Signs of the Seasons, River Study, Force and motion, The Lorax, The Importance of Buying Local and Natural, Maple Sugar, Erosion, Biodiversity, The Science of Growing, History of Farming in New England, Salsa, Orienteering, Trout Release, Vermi-composting, Food Sovereignty, and MANY. MANY more HANDS ON Activities. Dates are being booked, now all the way through June. Call/email to inquire about topics, dates and prices or to discuss a program tailor made for your class! Book Early… Last year we ran out of dates!

The Pratt Nature Center visits schools in the greater New Milford Area. Litchfield and Fairfield Counties in Connecticut and sometimes travel over the border into New York. We receive visitors from EVERYWHERE!